Student Exchanges

Global Health Program

Since 2004 the KMD Foundation’s Global Health program has been providing support for medical students in Charles University Medical School, who would apply and would accepted for a clerkship training (in any field of medicine) at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine through the Global Partner program established between the two Universities. Currently the program is under review by both schools, as well as the Chicago Czech Center (CCC), organization that offered to be the lead facilitator.

For more information for a clerkship training directly with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine through their Global Partner program, please visit the University’s Visiting Student Clerkship Program website and look for “Global Partner Applicants”:

Journalist Exchange

The Chicago Czech Center (CCC) is the lead facilitator of student of journalism exchange program. 

The purpose is to create student exchanges and information flow. CCC is to working with one or more Medill’s Northwestern University professors, who allow his/her students to work on projects/topics relating Transatlantic relations.  These articles are then submitted to our Prague contacts.  Some may be published, some may not.  This is a great way to help the US students to get published, and it helps with the information flow from the US to Czech.  This formate also serves as the basis for a student exchange program.  

The need is to connect Czech and US schools, students, and media channels to exchange written articles on various topics (such as migration). In the future the CCC may consider growing the program and bring some professors and/or students to their respective partnering country.