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Fields of Interest

The Chicago Czech Center (CCC) seeks to provide opportunities for students in the Chicago area to learn Czech language and to learn about Czech heritage. Further, Chicago Czech Center facilitates connections for students in the United States, as well as the Czech Republic, who seek to expand their knowledge and experiences. Chicago Czech Center encourages the development of strong leadership skills in students’ scholastic fields of interest. Examples include:

1. Global Health Support for clinical training in any field of medicine for students admitted to Northwestern University through the Global Partner program. For  more information,

2. Bohemian Lawyers’ Association of Chicago scholarships. For application,

3. Czech language classes in Chicago. For more information, please visit


Chicago Czech Center supports organizations and projects that aim to provide exposure of Czech art and culture to the global community. Furthermore, support is provided to programs that encourage the revival of local traditions and the re-connection of Czech communities in the Czech Republic and the United States with  heir historical and cultural roots.


Chicago Czech Center seeks connections for experts and their counterparts through individual meetings, business receptions, and seminars.


Chicago Czech Center aims to proactively contribute to growth of Czech public officials, professionals, and other community leaders in the Czech Republic and the United States through innovative activities that stimulate creative learning, working and problem solving.

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