Leadership — Robert Biddle V

Robert Biddle V started his career with Chase Manhattan at the Chicago Board of Trade in 1995. After several very successful years as a trader, Robert went on to start a Broadcast Company with TRADE THE NEWS in 1997. He was a very popular voice at the CME. Robert was also a good standing member of the CME and was responsible for building a large client base of listeners a testament to the popularity of his broadcasts. Robert established arbitrage group with New York NIFE exchange group and the S&P 500 pit and ran that operation for 7 years. In 2002, Robert and his wife Elizabeth started At Home Inn Chicago, a corporate housing business, in the city of Chicago. The company now consists of nearly 100 properties and they have accommodated thousands of Clients worldwide in their home town Chicago. In 2002, Robert and his wife Elizabeth invested in Klas Restaurant, the oldest restaurant in Chicago. In 2008 Robert Co-founded Save Wave Energy an Energy Procurement company. Save Wave Energy is now servicing thousands of commercial energy users throughout the United States. Robert most recently co-founded kWhSavings LLC a comprehensive energy solutions company located in Niles Illinois. Robert attended the University of Vermont, DePaul University and Loyola Chicago.