September 29, 2016
Jana Smiggels Kavková: “Thank you once again for inviting me to the discussion with Ms. Schakowsky. It was very inspiring and interesting in deed. I am also happy to have met you and the other people present at the meeting. I would be glad to cooperate also in the future, I already have some ideas.” 

June 16, 2015
Craig Bina, Northwestern University
: “Dear Kristyna, Permit me to thank you for allowing me to attend yesterday’s luncheon with Ambassador Žantovský which you so generously hosted. I very much enjoyed the event and my conversations there with the interesting group that you had assembled at the Fig & Olive. Next week I will return to Prague for a couple of weeks, to attend a conference and to work with colleagues at Univerzita Karlova v Praze. However, I expect to be back in Prague again sometime next spring, when perhaps I may have a chance to visit the ambassador in his new position at the library. Těším se na další setkání.” Regards, Craig Bina

Ben Frommer, Northwestern University: “Thank you very much for the opportunity to meet Zantovsky and introduce him to the local academics.  Everyone has told me how much they enjoyed it.  Mej se hezky,” Ben

Art and Kathryn Ruzicka Lorenz: “Dear Kristyna, A special thank you for a beautiful evening filled with music, entertainment, food and drink and a memorable presentation from Ambassador Zantovsky.  My husband and I have relived the evening with very warm hearts and we wanted you to know how much we appreciated all of your effort it took to allow that to happen.  The Chicago Czech community must be very proud of you.”  Most sincerely, A & K Ruzicka Lorenz 

Anna Helfman: “Congratulations on your successful presentation with Ambassador Zantovsky at the museum . It was an honor to be present and as always, one walks away more educated and philosophical from his acerbic wit and knowledge framed in a historic Czech paradigm . In other words , bravo ! I think all the Prague Days events have nurtured a closer sense of respect and appreciation for the Czech people and you are one of those to be thanked for that. Of course , George Drost as well, for his ever present support and contributions to absolutely everything. I wish you a lovely summer with your family. I will be in Prague the first week of July, attempting to cultivate more musical connections to bring to Chicago! So far , Emil Viklicky is interested so that’s a good launching pad. My best to the Ambassador…Most appreciatively,” Anna Helfman

Judy Munson, Prague Committee, Chicago Sister Cities International Program: “Dear Kristyna, It was such a Welcome to Chicago series of events you rolled out for Amb. Zantovsky, and, in the process, a remarkable opportunity for Chicago to meet such a man of substance–one of whom it can truly be said, ‘he is ‘Czech Best!’ We appreciated his talk at the U of C Bookstore and we absolutely enjoyed those extra moments with him on the ride back to his hotel. The Icingon the Cake was, of course, that unforgettable experience we all shared as Duke hosted the gathering at the Metropolitan Club on the 67th Fl of the Willis Tower when ALL the cell phones in the room rang aloud the alarm of tornado danger. Wow! (How do you think DD was able to pull that one off?) One for the Memory Book! Thanks again,” Judy

Duke Dellin, Prague Committee, Chicago Sister Cities International Program: “Dear Kristyna, Thank you again for reaching out.  It was very nice to see you and John again and to get to meet with Amb. Zantovsky. Thank you also for Amb. Zantovsky’s  book.” Duke

Meredith Clason, Chicago University’s So-Op Bookstore: “Just a quick thank you for bringing Ambassador Zantovsky to the Seminary Co-Op Bookstore yesterday. It was a pleasure to meet both of you and he is such an intelligent, articulate man with a great sense of humor! I appreciate your patience along the way and am glad that there was a nice group in the audience to greet the Ambassador. I’m glad CEERES could help with this program. Best wishes,” Meredith

Joe Vosicky, Prague Committee, Chicago Sister Cities International Program: “I will send you a personal note in the mail but, in the interim, I wanted to let you know how much it was an honor to attend your event last night.” Joe

James Monroe Števko: “Thank you so much for having me last night! I enjoyed the entire evening, although I regret not meeting you in person. Hopefully next time! S pozdravom,” James Monroe Števko

Briana Jones, Loyola University: “Thank you so much for your invitation to the Czech Center event last week. It was lovely and the museum is absolutely beautiful. I love history and museums so it was a treat for me .  Furthermore, it was sweet of you to share what you do with me. You planned quite the event! Best Wishes!” Briana

November 25, 2014
Jean Hruby, President of American Sokol: “Dear Marek, Kristyna and the Members of CCC, It has been one week since I landed in Washington DC for our amazing week of events centered around honoring a great man who was a pinnacle of inspiration for many Czechs and Americans, Vaclav Havel.   As President of the American Sokol Organization, it was truly an honor to be present for this event and to accompany our Chicago Czech Center group.   Vaclav Havel had a love for Sokols as we were the strong, free-thinking people who took the risks and built a community  in America where democracy was available and Sokols could be free. 
I want to sincerely thank the CCC for supporting this trip and allowing me to attend as part of our new leading-edge organization from Chicago.   I had a wonderful time, incredible memories and am so proud to be working with a great group of Czech leaders in the Chicago community and look forward to the future with all of you. 
Thank you again for the opportunity to join you.   
P.S. Can we do it all over again?  Wow!  What a great trip. 
Sincerely, and with a fond Nazdar

September 3, 2014
Noah Ullman (Vino z Czech) 
:”Congratulations on the opening of the CCC.”

August 28, 2014
Mike Dropka (Office of Illinois State Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka): “Thank you very much for supporting us on our 75th Anniversary. It means a lot to have your support, and I truly hope to see you there. The event succeeds in connecting old and young with traditions of the past and energy of the present; all the while guaranteeing our future.”

May 22, 2014
Lance Malina, Secretary of Chicagoland Czech American Center (CCACC): “On behalf of CCACC I write to extend our warmest appreciation and thanks for the generous $50.00 sponsorship that the Chicago Czech Center made in support of the CCACC’s wine tasting event, The 2nd Annual Taste of Czech Culture, on May 17, 2014. As you know the event was a success and a great experience that brought many people from the Czech-American community together. Without the help of organizations like the CCC this event would not have been possible, Thanks again!”